Replacing Your Telephone System? Which Route Will You Go?

CompTIA reports that in a survey of over 350 small-medium sized businesses, nearly 1/3 reported that they are going to replace their phone systems in the next 12 months. When replacing your phone system, what route will you go?
You can install a digital PC based PBX in your office, outsource the entire phone system to a company like M5 Networks, add to your current phone system with a service from Gotvmail or use a phone system from Talk Switch or Bizfon.
Cisco and M5 have some good resources on telephone systems. as well as BuyerZone has some nice resources as well.
The CompTIA press release reads Just 17 percent of the SMBs surveyed have already taken steps to converge their voice and data traffic onto a single network. Yet among those businesses with separate voice and data networks, two-thirds said they recognize the business value of converged communications solutions.
When asked why they intend to invest in new communications solutions, 46 percent said they are looking for savings generated through streamlining business processes. Another 30 percent cited cost-cutting in their information technology (IT) and communications spending; while 23 percent said the desire to launch new services or capabilities is driving their spending plans.

More information on the study is available here