Secure Your WiFi with Your Finger

One of the big problems companies have with using WiFi in their business is the lack of security. There are many things that can be done to secure it pretty well – such as a VPN, ensuring that the SSID is not broadcasting and limiting connections to a specific MAC address.
Another option, possibly more secure or at least complementary to these listed above is using a finger print to secure your WiFi connection.
As with any security implementation you must juggle the security cost and user difficulty in using the technology with your need for security.
Silex Technology’s SX-650 NetGuard connects to a wireless access point and works with any finger print reader to only enable WiFi users with registered finger prints access to your network.
If you’re WiFi connection is not connected to your network at all and only used for accessing the Internet it probably will not have to be as secure as if it’s used to access dental records or legal files.
As you weigh your security options, inventory what business data needs to be secured.
The cost is $445 (MSRP) for the SX-650