Selling Online Is More than Technology – It’s Words

When you start to sell online you worry about details like security, prices, the overall design of your web site and hopefully customer service. Another big concern of course is making sure you have customers who know about your web site, stop by and buy.
There’s something else you really have to consider – the WORDS you use to sell what’s on your site.
Does it matter to customers that an airline ticketing website advertises low fares or cheap flights?
In a recent press release – Yes, says web marketing expert Gerry McGovern. In Killer Web Content McGovern bridges the gap between the terminology of the business world and mostly commonly used search phrases by online customers.
Ninety percent of those who visit a website will only read 10 percent of the content. Killer Web Content shows businesses how to make the most important information easily accessible to retain the attention of the customers once they have entered the site. Most importantly, organizations need to highlight the words people want to read once they have searched and arrived at a webpage. For example, when customers search cheap hotel, they want to read about a budget-minded boutique hotel on the page.
This business-targeted guide includes sections that explain the theory of successful web content, how to practice the theory and the importance of proper research and collaboration in compiling an effective website. Killer Web Content also addresses such timely and popular issues as texting, blogs, RSS feeds and e-mail newsletters for composing strategic marketing and communications planning.
If you want to sell more make sure the words you use on your site are words that generate sales and not losses