Should you get domain name?

You know,.net,.org top level domain names but did you know
.Mobi domain names are exclusively for web sites used for mobile devices. Ideally, if you visit web site from your cell phone you’ll be assured that the data comes out clearly and not all messed up like it would if you visited a traditional web site via your cell phone or PDA.
According to the .mobi web site .mobi is the first – and only – top level domain dedicated to users who access the Internet through their mobile phones. General registration names began on 26 September and is now open to names can be registered through any dotMobi accredited registrar.
The use of mobile devices to access the Internet is exploding and if mobile access to your web site is important it can’t hurt to register domain name, even if you don’t use it right now.
Right now your web site might be focused on traditional PC access. However, going forward you might find that more and more of your customers, partners and employees are mobile. When this tipping point happens you want to be ready.
Internet services company GoDaddy’s press release reads he outlook for the mobile data services industry is an estimated $112 billion by 2008, according to IDC research. And research outlined in a dotMobi fact sheet says a recent survey shows 90 percent of consumers would use mobile Internet services if pages would load faster and they wouldn’t incur high costs from mobile carriers.
“We’re pleased with the success of dot mobi,” said Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of “With millions of wireless phones worldwide, the mobile Web is a huge market. We knew that long ago and put the infrastructure in place to help our customers wanting to join the dot mobi revolution. They can count on Go Daddy’s low prices and 24/7 customer support to get there.”