Single Sign On From IBM – Multiple Web Sites | One Authentication

Throughout my day I often have to logon to more than one web site, what’s a pain is that often times the web sites belong to the same company. What about your company? You logon to the portal for news, logon to another web site for T&E tracking and yet another one to manager your benefits.
IBM has a solution with its IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway.
This new security software was built especially for small and medium size organizations that need to establish a single password to log on to organizations outside of their internal network and to more effectively manage identities across their infrastructure.
Instead of managing several different user name and password databases on several different web sites, it more efficient and more secure to do it from one location. It also makes things a lot easier for your web site users.
If you find that your business has a number of web sites requiring multiple log-ons, make things simple with IBMs Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway.
IBM’s press release reads – Businesses need to collaborate with customers, partners, agents and suppliers online, but are now finding themselves with multiple user identities and passwords for a variety of online accounts. Federated identity allows employees, customers or partners to log on to a company’s Web site, get their identity authenticated and then have that site vouch for their identity so they can gain access to other companies’ Web sites and networks without having to log on again.
Unlike many competitive offerings, Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway does not rely on proprietary interfaces that tightly bind business applications to the federation software. The software provides interoperability with federation partners using federated identity standards and specifications, including SAML and Web Services standards. This loose coupling between Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway, business applications, and federation partners provides faster deployment times and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.