Small Businesses Get “Big Business” Attention from Microsoft – Training & Save $

When Windows Vista officially launches on 30 November 2006, it won’t be on store shelves for retail customers to buy but will only be for customers (mostly large corporate customers) subscribed to Microsoft’s licensing programs. These customers receive Windows Vista and Office 2007 as part of their licensing bundle.
Traditionally many smaller businesses have not taken advantage of these licensing programs, although they can. Over 50% of smaller businesses purchase their software from retailers (be it local or online retailers), previous to today’s announcement you would be losing out purchasing software from a retail store, especially if you were purchasing 5 more more licenses.
Knowing that more businesses should be signed up with its licensing program, Microsoft has partnered with CompUSA for an initial launch of its Small Business Value Program.
The Small Business Value Program a) reduces the physical boxes the the business owner has to physically carry b) gives professional, 24×7 support to software purchases and c) gives a discount on software purchases.
Now smaller business customers can acquire the new Microsoft Windows Vista Business operating system and Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 before the general availability of these products in early 2007 through either Microsoft Open Value or Microsoft Open Business licensing options, according to Microsoft’s press release.
This allows small businesses who purchase five or more licenses to begin using the two innovative new solutions to help achieve gains in productivity, mobility and security at an affordable price.
“We know that more than 50 percent of small businesses shop for software at retail stores. Our expanded relationship with CompUSA enables those businesses looking to purchase five or more licenses to more easily take advantage of our Open Business and Open Value offerings. These offerings also enable small businesses to purchase Windows Vista Business and Office Small Business 2007 on Nov. 30, ahead of the general availability in late January,” said Cindy Bates, general manager of the U.S. Small Business Group at Microsoft. “We think this new offering with CompUSA provides a simplified and affordable process for small businesses to purchase technology. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to make the right solutions available to our small-business customers across their full range of requirements.”
Open Value, is a cost-effective way for small businesses to purchase Microsoft software by spreading payments annually, comes with the added benefits of Microsoft Software Assurance, which includes technical and end-user training along with new version upgrades.
If you need to upgrade your Windows software – stop by CompUSA and take advantage of the green CD case colored Small Business Value Program.