The Smallest Computer Might Not be the Best Computer

Sony’s making the “lightest” computer in the world at 898 grams reports CNN

I have not seen the computer yet, so it very well could be a great computer. But let me caution you – if the keyboard is too small and the screen is not readable the smallest notebook might not be for you.
Just a few weeks ago, I did an extensive search of notebook computers and purchased a Lenovo branded notebook, which I’ve very happy with. So far. I’ve used two Gateway computers in the past but they have had over-heating problems.
CNN writes Sony said it expects a basic model of its new “type G” computer, which runs for about 12.5 hours on a battery and is not equipped with an optical drive, to sell for about 220,000 yen ($1,881).
It has no plan at the moment to offer the “type G” models overseas.