Software from Startups? The Debate Continues

Which software would you want to run your business on? Software created by a loose network of volunteers or one that’s made by a stable company with quality controls? One that costs $28 a year or $39 per year.
When you have 30 or 10 employees it’s a tough choice. It’s even tougher when you consider that the software created by the network of volunteers is pretty good. explores this issue and walks through the evolution of Zimbra an email, shared calendar and collaboration suite as it competes with Microsoft Outlook (which I use and am learning to really love) It reads Now, start-up companies are helping themselves to this software, piecing it together like Lego blocks into new commercial products. Often, they post the products’ underlying code on the Web and tap more volunteers to help improve it. Then they sell the software online, saving the cost of a large sales force. Zimbra co-founder Satish Dharmaraj, 39 years old, leads Zimbra Inc. — the company behind the software — with just 55 people, from a tiny cubicle with a laptop.