Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 – Much More Than You Thought It Was. Plus *audio* on why Symantec has better security than Windows Vista

For years Symantec’s Ghost has been the leading application for imaging the hard disks of computers. Why image a hard disk? Well, let’s say you have 30 brand new computers and you want them all to have the same software. You could go to each computer and install 5 different programs. (Think of how much time that takes). With imaging, you install the software for one computer how you like it, image the hard disk and place that image on the hard disks of the other computers.
(Audio Interview – Why Syamntec is a better option for security than Windows Vista’s built in security solutions – Brian Green, director of product development for Symantec Backup Exec. Listen here)
There’s a lot of new and updated features packed into Ghost and I think one of the most interesting ones is that it is perfectly designed to help users migrate to Microsoft Vista.
The Vista compatibility works with Vista’s hardware independent imaging feature so that you can image your computer with little worry about having the right drivers for the specific hardware you are using.
Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 is easy to implement, configure and use and does not require specialized IT staff or consulting services to implement. Further, Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 includes built-in comprehensive software tutorials, and Symantec offers training classes to help businesses better leverage the entire expanse of capabilities of Ghost Solution Suite and, in turn, accelerate ROI.
L. D. Weller, Senior Manager, Product Management for Symantec’s Data & Systems Management Group told me that Ghost does so much more than imaging. Ghost is an ideal and low cost tool for:
– securely disposing of data on computers you are getting rid of,
– automating necessary, repetitive but time consuming computer administration tasks
– managing your hardware and software inventory reporting
L.D. said that since the last time many customers have looked at Ghost, which was the last time they would have done a system imaging process (often years ago) Ghost has improved and has many more features.
If Microsoft’s Vista is something you want to upgrade too, Symantec’s Ghost can be a very handy companion. It can locate machines that meet Vista’s minimum specifications. By the way, if you want your machine to run at its best performance, double Microsoft’s minimum PC specifications for Vista.
At a cost of $40 you can’t afford to NOT have Ghost in your digital tool box.