Symantec Security Awareness Center – Training and Tools

Some of you might be familiar with the famed SARC (Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center) which is the center piece of Symantec’s information portal for knowing about viruses. There’s another portal from Symantec, Symantec Security Awareness Center. This portal is a bit different in that it helps train and educate users about security overall.
The site contains a comprehensive set of training and communication tools designed not only to increase security knowledge and understanding, but also to influence appropriate employee behavior at home and in the workforce.
It also contains: Product Training, Course Catalog, Curriculum Paths, Certification Programs, Classroom Locations and Training by Country.
The learning modules cover the following training:
Information protection: Introduces organizations’ information security concerns and the measures that employees should take to mitigate and reduce risks and protect vital information.
Password security: Explains and demonstrates to employees why passwords are important, how to create strong passwords and best practices for password use.
Virus protection: The Virus Protection module educates employees on computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms, and the recommended best practices to reduce the risk and mitigate the affects of an infection.
Email security: Informs employees of proper email etiquette and reminds them of the risks of virus infection from downloading email attachments.