Technology Consultants: Champions of Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is a given, often taken for granted, in the lives of many people in their personal lives, but there are still many businesses not using it in their corporate lives.
Email is a wonderful tool but for quick information and response instant messaging is often much better.
Why have 20 emails in your in-box with yes, no, ok, thanks in it. Or 20 alert messages that a server is down? eWeek speaks about the use of IM for consultants.
eWeek writes M can solve a lot of problems as enterprise IT managers look for ways to clear out spam-filled e-mail boxes, integrate far-flung project teams and offer more productive uses of their communications infrastructure. With IM, corporate staff can multitask and carry on multiple conversations, find out if someone is available to answer a quick question, and carry out other tasks that are cumbersome via e-mail or over the phone. VARs that aren’t using IM yet should get more involved with it and understand the numerous integration opportunities IM offers. There are several trends to take note of and ways that VARs can leverage IM solutions.
The article gives several good reasons why you (and especially if you are an IT consultant) might want to consider instant messaging in your own IT consulting and for that of your customers.