Tuning Up Your Web Site Will Prevent “Break Downs”

Your web site is one of those “forgotten toys” that are easy to ignore. But don’t ignore it – as it’s often the “first impression” your business has to others. When you are meeting someone for the first time, don’t you “Google” the person (sorry MSN, Ask.com and Yahoo) and find out about them?
You then check out their web site and read all about them?
You really want to make sure your web site SINGS – as the NYT writes.
The NY Times writes One global company states on its home page that “Indigenous and proven career management tools coupled with a comprehensive series of integrated initiatives have been evolved, to ensure that employees continue to sustain a high performance culture, while recruitment and selection is based on necessary competencies.”
That is “just gobbledygook,” Mr. Flanders said. “The words are not understandable by humans.”
According to Jakob Nielsen, a Web site consultant and author of the book “Prioritizing Web Usability,” it is essential that a Web page get a company’s message across quickly, because visitors are a fickle bunch. Most people do not go beyond what is in front of their faces.

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