Unleash Your Cell Phone Data

Data on my PDA is backed up to my computer so it’s always safe in case I lose my PDA or notebook (but not both) or if something else happens to my data. However, the problem happens with my cell phone data.
People call, I call people. I save their numbers in my cell phone but don’t always have their information in my PDA. Even worse, when I get a new phone I have to manually transfer the data from phone to phone.
One solution, by Zyb, takes your cell phone data (via supported phones) and hosts it on Zyb’s servers. Why? If you switch phones or need access to your data and you don’t have your phone – you can still access your data.
Zyb is only one of many solutions on the market to transfer cell phone data. Another solution, of course, is to get a Treo, Motorolla Q or any of the many other devices that blend cell phone and PDA and enables easy synchronization to a computer. Data Pilot is a software, cable solution that also helps you sync your cell phone data.