UPS / CNN On the Rise Small Business Conference

I’m about an hour out of the very good UPS / CNN On the Rise Small Business Conference hosted by Ali Velshi a business news anchor for CNN. The event had 3 experts, HP small business vice president, Entrepreneur Magazine’s editor and a business logistics consultant. Also two small businesses, a gaming company founder and a fashion designer founder
The event was very good and full of practical information for the 100 or so small businesses gathered there. A few things really stood out.
1. Small businesses love Quickbooks
2. Outsourcing is the way to go
3. HOWEVER, you can do many things yourself using many web based tools (payroll, accounting, and so much more)
At these events, you might not learn 100 new things, but just getting 1 or 2 great tips is worth it, especially if it’s a free event.
Another thing, NETWORK is key. I met many new business friends at the event. Only time will tell where it could lead.