Verizon’s LG enV Phone – Great Keyboard

For the past day I’ve been testing out Verizon’s LG enV phone. I like it. It’s not the slimmest phone but it’s small enough. What’s mot impressive about the phone is that it has a full keyboard that is accessible when you flip open the clam shell phone. I like this bigger keyboard as it’s much easier to type than using the keyboad of the Treo or Motorola Q.
What’s also nice about the phone is that it’s still and video camera work well and the pictures are quite clear.
I checked out several videos using Verizon’s Vcast service. The videos from CNN, ABC, and others came out quite clear and smooth.
Another cool feature is the navigation. I turned on “location” to enable Verizon to see where I was at. I typed in a destination and in a few seconds I was present with a map and point to point directions how to get there from my home to the location.
I checked out on the phone and it displayed some of the page, but not all of the page. This is probably because the enV mobile web browser could not properly read the coding on my site. I went to a much simpler web site and it displayed the web page ok.
There are so many choices when it comes to phones and the LG enV is another one of many options available to you.
When buying mobile technology first consider what you need the gadget to to, then find a gadget that can meet your needs. My needs – a simple device to talk on the phone. I have use a “basic” LG phone!