Why Your Site Is Not Listed in Search Engines

Most of the traffic, to most web sites comes via search engines – Google namely. If your web site is not indexed by the four biggest search engines, its most likely just as good as being invisible to new customers.
Getting your site listed is easy as many of the search engines have methods to enable you to “add your web site” to their indexes.
Beyond this step, remember, you have to have the right content and actively promote your web site to other web sites to raise your profile as well.
Startupjournal.com writes That said, Web-site owners can take steps to speed up the indexing process. Submitting your domain address to Google’s URL submission feature at www.google.com/addurl/ is a fine start. But finding other sites to link to yours, preferably well-ranked ones, is a much savvier strategy.
“A good rule of thumb is that the more high-quality links we find to a site, the deeper Google will crawl that site,” Goggle software engineer Matt Cutts says.
Swapping links with other local businesses or posting a message on a popular online insurance forum and including a link to your Web site are two possible ways to achieve this.