Will Vista and Office 2007 Dazzle You?

Which side of the fence will you be on? The side that upgrades to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007? Or the side that for now is just fine with Windows XP and Office 2003?
For my production machine, I’ll stick to XP and Office 2003 (for now) but I’ll test out Vista and Office 2007 and see if they are indeed worth the upgrade. I will upgrade to Vista and Office 2007 a few months after its launched as I am simply not a “I’m the first person on the block with it” type.
The Washington Post reports that Microsoft is hoping uses give it a chance to dazzle them with new software.
If you have relatively new computers with plenty of power, you’ll be fine for another year or more. However, your new machines will come with Vista. If you want to save money check out Microsoft’s licensing for small businesses.
The article reads Microsoft executives claim that computer users who upgrade to Vista or Office, but especially both together, will be dazzled by how much more productive they can become. The company spent years studying how people use its most popular programs and retooled the user interface accordingly, trying to make it easier to find and use features.
It also worked to make its software sturdier than ever _ less prone to crashes and less vulnerable to hackers. Because of that and new tools aimed at pleasing corporate technology staffs, Microsoft estimates the labor costs of supporting a machine running Vista will be $507 per PC a year, down from $542 with Windows XP.
Despite the improvements, many analysts don’t expect corporate technology buyers to rush to buy PCs with Vista or Office 2007 upgrades. Surveys have found that fewer than half plan to adopt Vista in its first year of release.