WiMax – Fujitsu’s Aiming to Lead. What does it mean for you?

Keep your eye on WiMax. While it’s not a widely used technology right now and still in the “experimental” stage for many companies, over the years it will begin to be a serious broadband wireless technology, as WiFi is today.
Forbes writes It promises to be the fastest network yet, providing fixed and mobile broadband service and can deliver up to 40 megabits per second per channel up to 30 miles away from a base station. That’s enough bandwidth to support hundreds of business with T-1 speed connectivity and thousands of residences with DSL speed connectivity.
Fujitsu had given up the wireless market, according to this article, about 12 years ago, but wants back in and will do so via WiMax.
Forbes writes that Fujitsu’s goal to become a one-stop-shop for all things wireless in the U.S. and that the company will be able to handle all needs, from small fixed deployments to national and global networks.
Should you not invest in WiFi? No. It’s going to be viable for a long time and will follow a similar path that DSL did alongside dial-up. Only when DSL prices came down, down, down, did smaller businesses and consumers start to use it in increasing numbers.
Remember when you’d read all the articles about moving to ISDN from dial-up? The conversation then shifted quickly to DSL. Well you’ll find a similar evolution in WiMax. it could be slower, it could be faster.