You’re Not Alone If You Carry Multiple Devices

I do it. Your boss does it. Your secretary does it. Your business partner does it. Many of us still carry around multiple devices, according to research firm In-Stat. Why?
While we have purchased (or have been issued by our companies) smartphones, which blend a PDA, phone and email we still (obviously) prefer to use a phone for a phone and PDA/email/web device for email and contacts. Not everyone does this, but many do.
In-Stat writes “There are two reasons for caution, in spite of spectacular sales,” says Bill Hughes, an analyst at the high-tech market research firm. “Many smartphone users continue to carry the very devices that smartphones are meant to replace. Also, users have been slow to add new applications to their devices. Most users have only downloaded a few applications.”
The press release reads –
– Business users that received their smartphone through work are three times more likely to carry a second wireless phone for personal calls than other users.
– Many smartphones sold in 2006 serve as a combination phone and PDA. Others have power and performance comparable in capability to many laptops. Most of the smartphones sold globally, however, only enable the user to access the capabilities of basic wireless phones.
– US smartphone customers are about evenly split between Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, and Palm OS.
You can read In-Stats $3,500 report here.