Archive of December 2006

Skype is Cheap. But not for everything.

Skype is free (and or low cost) for making phone calls around the world. However, you can save MORE money by using a calling card or a low cost telephone rate writes Mark Goldberg of Telecom Trends blog. This shows you that while we should get excited about technology don’t get so excited that you […]

Local Search. Now Micro Search

Using any of the major search portals you can find a business in your zip code. But can you find a business within 5 miles or a few blocks? Many businesses don’t thrive by those buying from them in their zip code, but thrive from those who are in their nearby block or within a […]

Thanks for the Christmas Cards…

This year I received Christmas cards from… Robin Robins of Technology Marketing Toolkit – she helps techies sell more. Infinity Info Systems – CRM. Period. Really. If you need CRM just ask Infinity. Wintec Group – sellers of Maximizer CRM Entrepreneur Media Corporate Experience – the best event management company on the planet Access PR […]

Book Review: Managing Without Walls

Having a remote sales force is a good thing. You can have a sales or service presence away from the “home office”. Reduce real estate costs by having staff work from home. There are many other benefits but also problems can can occur if you are not managing your remote work force. The secret lies […]

Microsoft Gets VERY Creative With Mobility Videos

A Microsoft PR person sent me a link to that shows a “business person” using Windows Mobile in various scenarios. A suit covered in bacon (which dogs smell), inside a room being filled with snakes and other things. Whether you are using Windows Mobile, Palm, Sidekick, BlackBerry or some other mobile media solution, it’s […]