The 10 Most Overlooked Aspects of Security

Security is so important and its a topic that while sometimes I don’t want to write about so much, I have to. It’s that important. It’s easy to do so much to secure your business, but leave something un-checked. Leave out the wrong thing and you can be in real trouble.
Small Biz Resource writes We’ve compiled this list of The 10 Most Overlooked Aspects of IT Security, along with the risks of skipping out on them, and some advice on how to attend to them. Our research turned up a wide variety of opinions on these topics, many of which are environment-dependent, so we’re giving you this list in no particular order. You decide which bases you’ve got covered — and which ones need your attention.
Their list includes:
Physical security
Proper disposal of devices, storage media, and sensitive documents
Background checks
Getting control of the at-home user
Taking advantage of built-in security functions
Analyzing trends in security log files
Outsourcing of security functions
Integration of security with software development
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