All In One Server from DirectPointe. Hardware Appliance and Managed Services

Last week DirectPointe launched SmallOffice Solution, which is a server appliance that bundles networking hardware, software and support services in one package for one monthly price. The offering will be available on January 8, 2007.
At the heart of the SmallOffice Solution is the CentralPointe Server that integrates all the core server components and applications and delivers them through a secure, Web-based console. This simplifies the technology for a small business by fully integrating all of the components into one server that becomes a plug-and-play device and is easily set up with limited technical experience. This solution also provides small businesses with a single point of purchase and accountability for their technology needs.
Pricing is tiered based on the number of users and starts at introductory price of $250 per month for up to 5 users. The solution can accommodate up to 50 users.
DirectPointe’s solution reminds me of that offered by EmergeCore’s IT IN A Box. Michael Proper, DirectPointe’s CEO tells me that one big difference between SmallOffice Solution and IT IN A BOX is that SmallOffice Solution has redundant hard drives, Emerge Core’s offering does not.
When building your network you might choose to use best of breed components for email, FTP, print services, web server, database and more. Or use an appliance like SmallOffice Solution.
Other network appliances or all-in-in-products include Microsoft’s Small Business Server, File Engine and Net Integration Technologies, Nitix.
The CentralPointe Server includes all of the server components for file, print, messaging, FTP, proxy, LDAP, local backup, Web, and database. The network components include managed firewall and VPN, content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, bandwidth management, dynamic DNS services, and wireless access. The server will connect with any desktop environment running Windows, Macintosh, or Linux as long as they meet basic, minimum specifications.
Proper also stresses that DirectPointe’s Service Delivery Network will enable SmallOffice to offer new software applications to its customers. This is an ideal blend of traditional hardware with the easy growth of a hosted application.