Upgraded – Much Better

I was recently using the new and its very good. The features are still not as extensive as Word Press or Movable Type, but the graphical user interface is very easy to use and helps you build a very good blog.

Not only is the interface better but you can also now tag posts so that it’s easier for your blog readers to find what’s important to them. You can have a feed for all the comments on your blog, and even individual feeds for all the comments on each separate post. When you would make a change to your template or something global you would have to re-publish your entire blog. This is no longer the case, changes happen live.
Many people say Google’s is for “kids” as it’s not as robust as the competition. But if your blogging needs are simple, then is all you need. I’ve used it for years. (But then again – many people say I’m a kid)
The key to blogging is to have a well designed web site with content that your readers can learn from (or whatever the goal of your blog is) every time they come to it.