Blogging vs a Web Site

A few weeks ago Jim Blasingame (Small Business Advocate Radio Show) and I discussed the issue of blogging. One of the things we talked about was blogs vs web sites.
Only a few months ago (so it seems) having a web site was talked about a lot and VERY hot. But in recent months blogging has been getting a lot of the attention. One reason this could be is that blogging enables more communication flexibility than a traditional web site.
The Blog Herald writes Perhaps the broader question is, has designing a basic brochure website become so banal and easy, thanks to shareware and online tools that come with many hosting packages, or complete online stores available at a click of the button (think Yahoo! stores), in addition to blogging software, that it has made products like Frontpage obsolete?
When considering whether to have a traditional web site or blog, keep in mind that both are important. A web site is great for information that will stay pretty much the same an overview of your company, important telephone numbers, where you are located at, and all sorts of other things.
A blog is the perfect tool to breath life into your web site and initiate regular communication with your customers. It’s a way to have a dialog with them. In addition a blog can help boost your web site traffic.