Book Review: Killer Web Content: Must Read Book (before you build a web site)

I recently received a copy of Gerry McGovern’s book, Killer Web Content. The book is simply amazing and really helps you understand how you can not waste money on building a web site. Instead of wasting money on web sites that don’t work, Gerry’s book helps you design a web site that is for your readers (as Gerry calls them) – those you want to buy from you (or take some other action).
In reading Killer Web Content you’ll come to understand that the KEY to web site success is “carewords”. Web readers scan and often times go to a web site for the information they need – real fast.
A “careword” helps them get to the tasks and actions they want quickly.
In his book he illustrates how if you consider who your web site reader by assigning two or three “reader types”, and ensure you always design for them you will always be on the right track. What should you know about your reader types? name, face, place (where they live), history about them, and three or fewer major tasks that they come to the website to complete.
Keep in mind these are fictional characters that represent your main audiences.
He illustrates the story of Aer Lingus (Irish airlines). Their web site at first had the traditional photo of employees and some airplanes. But after designing a web site with “low prices” and a quick way to get low fares sales shot up.
To write killer Web content, you must accept three things:
1. Your customers focus on their own needs and those of their family and loved ones.
2. Making your customers feel special means under-standing what they really care about.
3. What they really care about can sometimes be the opposite of what you really care about.
I highly suggest you read Killer Web Content before you build your next web site – or to boost sales on your current one.