Buying Radio Advertising Through Google

Google pioneered an easy system to bring advertisers (Adwords) and online publishes (Adsense) together so that advertisers, through one interface could buy text or image ads on thousands and thousands of web sites – including Google’s popular web site.
Online publishers don’t have to worry about finding or billing advertisers as Google does it on their behalf.
Google is now moving into radio advertising through an acquisition.
Businesses can now go online to purchase and manager their radio advertising spots.
CNN writes Analysts expect Google Audio Ads to shake up the $20 billion annual U.S. radio advertising industry by offering a simplified Web-based purchasing process for radio ads to its existing base of hundreds of thousands of text advertisers.
“Audio Ads offers detailed reporting, targeting by demographic, location and station type, and provides easy access to the huge market reached by radio programming,” Google said in discussing the project on its AdWords sales site.
The AdWords purchasing system allows customers to track how much is spent on each radio ad, as well as when and where the ad airs.