The Case for A Video Brochure

Frank Felker of Radio Free Enterprise believes every business should have a video brochure. I agree. It’s so simple to create a video and host the video (for free on Youtube and other locations) there’s really no reason to not have one.
Having a video brochure on your web site, brings the prospective customer much closer to making a decision, compared to your competition that might not have a video about them and their business.
Frank writes I believe that every business owner in operation today should produce a video message explaining who they are and what they do that is great and then post it on the home page of their web site as well as to every video directory site they can find (Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video, etc.). That message should be between 60 and 150 seconds long and it should include a call to action along with everything a prospective customer needs to know in order to contact their firm and do business with it.