Customer Reviews Can Boost Online Sales

When a customer buys a pair of shoe online, a plant from your online store, or simply loves the customer service they received – do you enable them to tell others about it on your web site.
Of course if the reviews are bad, letting those reviews go online can add credibility to your web site, especially once customers see the course of action you took to solve the problem.
The WSJ writes After one gushing reviewer in early May explained how Sea Magic Organic Seaweed Growth Activator perked his spider plant up “just like a light socket,” sales of the fertilizer doubled over the following month, says Don Zeidler, marketing director for W. Atlee Burpee & Co., the Warminster, Pa., parent company of
Web site reviews might not be for every online business but for most retail web sites, customers like to know what other customers bought on your site.
I’m sure did not invent the customer review but I think their web site most extensively initiated the “customers who bought this product also bought this product service”
The Journal continues Customer reviews can offer small online businesses an array of benefits at a lower cost than other forms of marketing, Ms. Mulpuru says. Reviews tend to encourage repeat visits, she says, as customers return to sites to see if their reviews were posted, and they create more-loyal customers because they help shoppers compare items.