Fedex, Technology and Paper

Mimeo makes its money because its customers are always in a hurry and waiting until the last minute to print documents.
If there’s a document that can only be printed at the last minute and you need it bound and distributed to one or several persons, Mimeo is the company you should check out.
You send the document you want printed to Mimeo – as late as 10pm EST and they’ll be on your desk (or someone else’s desk) by early a.m. the next day.
Cnet writes To get rush printing jobs done, Mimeo clients submit the document over the Internet. Printers and photocopiers in Mimeo’s Memphis operation then print the document and load it onto trucks, which then trundle over to the Federal Express shipping dock. Clients can order documents as late as 10 p.m. EST and still get the papers delivered in the first FedEx drop the next morning.
Other companies have similar services, but Mimeo says it has tried to make the link between printing and delivery smoother and thereby extend the deadline.