Google Docs – Simply Wonderful

I’ve been using Google Docs for a project with 3 people, total of 4 including me. I’m pleased to say it works quite well. We all logged in via our Google accounts and started using a spreadsheet to enter information. What’s so nice about it, is that the spreadsheet refreshes and I could see in real time as the data was being updated.
If you are looking to maximize technology the ONLY way to do it is to dip your toes into the water of “web 2.0” and try out these fun, new and productive boosting applications. I started using Microsoft Excel and realized that I didn’t have to do the traditional method of sharing: using a central server and saving the work and asking who has the file opened.
Instead I tried out Google Docs and it worked perfectly. Only thing – I have to figure out how to use the keyboard to add rows to the spreadsheet instead of the more slow menu option.