Intuit Now Serves You and Your Bank

For years Intuit has sold consumer and small businesses software and services for their businesses. With Thursday’s acquisition of Digital Insight, a company providing online banking services to over 5,000 financial institutions, 25 million consumers and 7 million small businesses, Intuit is poised to better leverage its already portfolio of products and services.
Since Digital Insight provides online services to banks, I don’t envision that starting next week every Digital Insight customer will be hawking Intuit products, but I’m sure we’ll see many interesting new initiatives based on this acquisition.
“The combination of two industry leaders will put Intuit in an excellent position to bring a new generation of online banking solutions to market in a way that will redefine the way small businesses and consumers manage their financial lives,” said Steve Bennett, Intuit president and chief executive officer.
One thing we may see is better integration between your banks online services and Intuit products.