Is it time to try Linux? No and Yes.

Although Linux use is growing, it’s still not ready for small businesses to use in their day to day operations. Small Business Computing writes Some of the analysts remain wary about recommending Linux to any and all small businesses. “Linux should be considered by small businesses for hosted or managed services, but not for self-management,” says Antonopoulos. “It requires skills, just like Windows, but the skills may not be as widely available.”
Although the Linux operating system is “free” for download, there are still several reasons why it still can’t be used in place of Microsoft XP/Vista on a user’s desktop.
It does have a nice interface and is no longer the exclusive domain of nerds who can use a command line. However, there are still some quirks that could arise that would require using the command line in some circumstances.
Also the “Linux ecosystem” of support and applications, compared to Windows is still quite small. You can’t walk into your local store and buy applications or ask just any local consultant for help.
Linux is great for backoffice server appliances and other “closed” devices where there is minimal user interaction required. In fact you might have Linux in your business and not even know it.
For server use, Linux could be considered as well. Several companies such as Net Integration’s Nitix, File Engine and others use Linux.
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