Are Printing & Emailing files A Big Part Of Your Day?

If printing to multiple printers and emailing multiple people various sets of documents is part of your day to day job then you might get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. You might wish you had a tool to help you better manage your time and handle repetitive tasks.
Leadtools ePrint Professional is that tool. It lets you set up tasks and tasks printers that serve as automated agents for a document or set of documents and can also convert files to over 150 different file formats – HTML to PDF for example.
Maybe you have a certain process and as part of this process you need to email a set of documents to 5 different people and print the documents on 4 different printers (some even being to a remote satellite office maybe). ePrint can help you do this quite easily. By setting up multiple printers, you can retain all of the settings that you use most often. For example, let’s say that your two biggest uses for ePrint are converting to TIFF and PDF files at the same time, and converting a weekly sales report to PDF and then emailing it to your manager. Instead of having to perform the steps each time you print, you can set up two instances of ePrint. You can configure one to convert to TIFF and PDF at the same time, and the other to convert your report to PDF and simultaneously email it to your manager. You can even come up with your own unique name for each printer (“TIFF-PDF Printer”, “Sales Report Printer”). Now when you want to convert your files, just choose the printer that has your settings already configured.
At $49 this tool could pay for itself with only a few uses by boosting productivity and reducing errors inside your company.