It’s Not Just Technology that Needs to Shift

When we first begin working with a client, we don’t talk about technology at all because, I know that business success doesn’t hinge entirely on technology – but it does count for a good portion. There’s something even more important than technology (yes, I said it!) and that’s… your mind set.
The mind is a funny thing. What you resist persists and what you focus on, you get more of. That means that when you sit around and mope about your lack of business, that’s exactly what you get – more lack. Why do this when you can make like Tim Sanders and pull a 4th quarter stretch?
If you’re wondering why your business isn’t growing the way you thought it would way back when, it’s time for a mind set shift. It’s time to start thinking about the value of using technology not just to get your day-to-day tasks done but rather to elevate your business to the next level.
You see, technology is no longer a noun, it’s a verb. It’s not about THE Internet, THE computer, THE software but rather…how do you LEVERAGE those technologies (and more) to create a snowball strategy that builds your business into all you imagined it could be? How can you create more by doing less?
For example:

  • If you have a web site, are you doing all that you can to use your web site to meet your revenue or marketing goals?
  • If you have a blog, are you leveraging your blog to achieve your goal of landing a new speaking engagement each month?
  • If you have an RSS feed, are you using it to build your thought leadership platform?
  • Are you still trying to manage your marketing efforts through Outlook?
  • If someone stole your laptop, how long would it take you to get back to being operational? A day? A week? A month? Longer? Don’t know?

It really is all about thinking bigger so you can play and BE bigger.
I’ve been in the technology game a while and one thing I can promise you – you’re never going to build a (multi) million dollar company using the same mind set and technology you used to earn your first $50 grand. It ain’t happenin’.
P.S. The next Technology Diet class starts in mid-January 2007 so, if you’re sick of the plateau and you’re ready to get on with growth, sign up. The 8 weeks are rigorous, so come ready or go home.