Joopz: Web to Cell – Cell to Chat. Perfect.

Guess what I just did? I went to Joopz and sent an SMS message to my cell phone. Ho Hum right? Well I then replied to that message via my cell phone and about 5 seconds later the cell phone message appeared on Joopz’s web site in a chat window wow.
So imagine if you had 10 employees in the field – you could use their cell phones and Joopz (no BlackBerry) to communicate instantly.
It’s a free service (at this time) for the basic features. For $2.95 per month you get advanced contact management, a history of your communications and unlimited outgoing messages.
If you have finished working on your computer, but you want to continue to receive Joopz messages from recipients, simply click on “SMS Forwarding” to have all Joopz messages sent to your cell phone.