Let Your Web Customers Add Comments to Your Web Pages with Stickysurf

Have you ever been on a web site and wanted to add comments to the web site and send the site with comments to someone else. Sure, many web sites let you, “email a page to a friend” but then how do you specifically POINT THEM TO THE part of the page you want them to take note of?
Stickysurf.com helps web site owners add this functionality to their sites.
With Stickysurf, your web site visitors will be able to not only send pages of your web site to others but they can comment and annotate your web site and then send the page to others. They can also bookmark their comments. I’m not sure how much this feature would add value to your web site but for a busy retail site, it might put you ahead of your competition.
Cost: $250 per month and up (based on page views). Or “Free” with a one time $500 setup fee and advertisements placed on your web site.