Macworld Conference and Expo: Leverage Mac Technology and Grow Your Business

If your business foundation is Mac computers you want to seriously consider attending Macworld 2007 (January 8 – 12, 2007), and especially going to the Small Business Symposium on January 12, 2007.
Macworld is not just a gathering of die hard “Mac lovers” but it’s a conference designed to help your business grow through technology and business. Sessions at the Symposium include:
Small Business Checklist
Business Management Solutions
Business Communications and Collaboration
Servers & Network Services
Office Infrastructure
Technology Management
In addition to the sessions focused on your small business, you can learn technology skills to help you boost sales and productivity. For example, get insight in digital photography, learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite , and get more out of Photoshiop.
Also, meet up with hundreds of Mac vendors at the show as well.
Keep in mind, to get the best out of this conference and other conferences there’s several things to consider:
– Maybe YOU are not the best person to go, but one (or two) of your key employees can go and help BOOST your business in 2007.
– Consider saying “thanks” to a client or business partners and sending them on an all expense paid trip
Whoever goes, make sure they MAXIMIZE their time at the show and network, network, network. Get to know executives of vendors who matter to your business.
If you only attend and do the “usual” – you’ll not get all you can from your investment (flight, hotel, conference fee, food, etc). It is vital that when you return back from the conference you have learned a lot and met key people who can make a difference in your business’ Mac technology use.
Remember to attend the Small Business Summit 2007 in NYC on 13 February 2007).