Need Tech Support NOW? Pay Only For the Help You Get.

One of the most dreaded situations is when your computer does not work. The second dreaded situation is when your computer does not work and you have NO ONE to call for help. If you have 24/7 support services from your hardware or software vendor you can call them and get help. Often times you have to pay a premium for this support.
(If your hardware is under warranty many of the printer and PC vendors have very good support.) Let’s say something happens and you just need to talk to someone NOW. is offering to be that source of help.
Their claim is that other companies require you to make an appointment- like Plum Choice and/or send a technician out to your home – like GeekSquad who charges as much as $229/hour.
With you talk with a live technician by phone (or instant chat session), tell him or her what the problem is, he’ll tell you how long he thinks the repair will take and you purchase the necessary minutes. The technician then uses sophisticated screen sharing technology to fix the problem right before your eyes! (All the while you have the ability to override the technician’s movements at any time.)
Billing does not begin until the technician begins working on your computer even if you spend an hour on the phone. And the cost can be as little as a dollar a minute, depending on the number of minutes you’ve purchased. If you do not use all of the minutes during this repair, you can come back at a later time, type in your account information and utilize the rest of the minutes for a different problem.
30 minutes cost you $49, 60 minutes cost you $79 and go up from there.