NetObjects – Powerful Simplicity

Dreamweaver is the web site development program of choice for professional web developers but can be way too complex for others. Microsoft’s Front Page (soon to be phased out in place of Web Expressions) is hated by many professional web developers for putting extraneous code and characters in the HTML code – but loved by many as its as simple as a word processor to use.
Is there a program that fits in the middle.
Simple enough for do-it-yourself small business owners but powerful enough to create a professional web site?
NetObjects Fusion just might be the answer.NetObjects is now at version 10, a long time in computer years. It’s mature and ready to meet the needs of novice users and professional users.
Upgrades are available for $109.95 and full version pricing is $199.95.
New features include:
Fresh, customizable user workspace
Drag & drop dockable palettes & toolbars
Keep organized with the Tasks Tracker
Advanced Flash Photo Gallery
Flash Object Library
Add & view custom CSS2.1 with no coding
Manually entered CSS coding tools
Preview & edit SiteStyles while working
Apply CSS to Fusion components
W3C standards-based code (HTML 4.01)
BONUS – 5 free applications!