(New Info) Prevx – Free For One Year – Security Solution

Prevx is offering a FREE download of its security product, Prevx1 (good for 28 days), free for the entire year of 2007. This offer is good for up to 5 PCs or laptops at any small business.
They tell me that they have seen a growing problem where software claiming to be anti-spyware, registry fixers or some other type of systems utility, is in fact malware.
Prevx says that one of the most high profile examples is a family of rogue antispyware products, such as SpyAxe, SpywareStrike, SpyFalcon and SpywareQuake. These rogues use various exploits to infect users’ computers. Once the software is executing on a computer, it tells the user he or she is infected and must pay around $50 in order to remove the malware!
You can check out Prevx’s Spyware and Virus Information center.
There’s so many security vendors on the market and if you have not tried Prevx and don’t have a security solution you are happy with, here’s your chance to try one out for free.
Thanks to CM for helping out with this story editing!