No Web Site? Want Online Traffic? Google Can Help.

If you want to capture the wave of Google’s AdWords program and buy cost per click advertising, but don’t have a web site, you’re in a bind. How can you get people to click to your web site, if you don’t have one?
Google writes that When new advertisers sign up for AdWords through the Starter Edition, they’re offered the chance to create a free hosted business page.
Hosted business pages are quick and easy — no knowledge of HTML or programming is required. The webpage is available almost immediately once the advertiser starts running an AdWords campaign. Keep in mind that hosted business pages are accessible only through links on AdWords ads.

I really think there’s no excuse why you can’t click over to Homestead, Office Live or some other web site creation service and make your own web site and have your own domain name.
But if you really don’t want to get your own web site at least get a hosted page from Google – for now.