Penny Pinching Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your CRM System

Investing in a CRM system is great and will boost your business. But whether you’ve invested $20,000 or $5,000 in a system it’s going to do you no good if you don’t look for ways to get all you can out of the system.
Small business guru Gene Marks, in his white paper, “7 Penny Pinching Ways To Make Money From Your CRM System” helps small businesses (and bigger businesses) get all you can out of your CRM investment.
His tips include:
The Lonely Old Quote
The Bright Side Of A Lost Sale
Too Few Sales Calls, Too Many Donuts
For the tip “Too Few Service Calls, Too Many Donuts” he writes It’s not just penny pinchers who recognize the value of time as well as money. But good penny pinchers do something about it. Do you have a system that tracks how employees spend their time on issues, problems, breaks and other customer complaints? Is service time being wasted? Are there service issues that aren’t being addressed? How come this one part has so many problems? Should we keep doing business with that customer who calls us so much? Can you get an alert when certain issues are breached? Using CRM software to track how productive your service group is will save a lot of pennies in the long run.
Gene Marks, is the owner of The Marks Group PC, a ten person CRM consulting firm based outside of Philadelphia, PA. Gene has written four books and speaks frequently on penny pinching topics to business owners and managers nationwide.
Get the full white paper here.