Podcassting From Your Telephone – No Computer, Microphone or Software Needed

Podcasting enables you to connect with your audience via audio instead of just text – as with a blog. But like a blog, once you update your podcast your audience is alerted to this via subscriptions to your Podcast feed.
Creating a podcast is not hard, but most often requires a quality microphone (if you don’t want to sound like you’re speaking from the toilet), recording equipment (you can use Audacity – free and very good) and a place to host the audio files. You’ll then need to create an XML file to instruct podcast readers how to download your new podcast audio file.
Wilson Web writes how to do a podcast with only a phone – no computer (only for the initial setup), microphone or fancy programming. Using a podcatching service such as Hipcast (http://www.hipcast.com), AudBlog (http://www.audblog.com), Gcast (http://www.gcast.com) or Gabcast(http://www.gabcast.com).
Amanda Watlington writes You don’t need a special telephone. You can use your cell phone or even VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), if this suits you. You don’t even have to be seated at your computer when you do your podcast. If you choose to go on the road and do your podcasts from your mobile phone, you will be “moblogging.” You will only need to use your computer to sign up for the “podcatching” service that will capture the recording and make it playable on your web page or blog.