Shipping Something? Let Pitney Bowes Help You Manage Everything Online

Is shipping a key part of your business? Do you send 20, 50, 100 boxes or more per day of “something” around the United States or world. Does your business survival depend on shipping? If so, then shipping costs are a critical component of your cash flow.
If you can’t easily manage your shipping and take advantage of low prices you’ll be spending quite a bit of money on shipping costs. Shipping costs could be one key difference between making a profit on sales, losing money on each sale or being able to have a competitive price difference between you and your competition.
Pitney Bowes Inc. has announced the launch of SendSuite Shipping Solutions, a web-based solution that provides visibility into shipping information for better customer service, as well as enhanced cost controls and shipping performance monitoring.
Shipping is more than just lowering costs. You also must be able to track packages and pick a shipper and shipping method that is best for the customer and package you are shipping. What if a customer wants a product the next day and is willing to pay a premium for it. In this case you can’t afford to ship via the lowest priced shipper. You want to ensure the package reaches the customer.
Product benefits include real-time information on rates from a selection of carriers, comprehensive accounting reports and the ability to charge shipping and mailing costs back to external or internal customers. Capabilities help companies determine the best carrier strategy, manage and control carrier spending across the organization, simplify order fulfillment and track mail and packages. SendSuite Shipping Solutions is offered as traditionally implemented software or as a hosted solution.