Should You Buy a Mac or PC

Many users already know what they want – Mac or PC. But there’s a good number of computer users, including business persons who really don’t know which one to buy. Both platforms will let you do your day to day tasks just fine – type an email, go online, build a web site and so many other things. The main thing that really separates the two is the ecosystem of support and compatibility around them.

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If you are into graphics or music for example, there are so many applications and other users available on the Mac platform. If you are a law firm for there’s a lot more PC based software, support and services for a law firm using a PC than one using a Mac.
The Washington Post has a great article on how to decide and writes Those are roles that any remotely new computer can easily fill. Unfortunately, just because any random computer will suffice doesn’t mean that you should buy any random computer.
Instead, find out how the computer will be used once it’s plugged in. If the user isn’t interested in installing new software but would rather use the tools that come with it, you should shop for a Mac.

If you can get to California in January check out Mac World which I wrote about here.