Skype is Cheap. But not for everything.

Skype is free (and or low cost) for making phone calls around the world. However, you can save MORE money by using a calling card or a low cost telephone rate writes Mark Goldberg of Telecom Trends blog.
This shows you that while we should get excited about technology don’t get so excited that you don’t at least THINK about what the real ROI is.
Mark writes In any case, did you know that Skype-out isn’t anywhere close to offering the best rates for many locations? For example, having had a kid studying overseas, I learned that the price offered by Telehop (10-10-100) for calls to Israel are less than a third of Skype’s rates – 5 cents Canadian on Telehop versus 15 cents US on Skype. For the Philippines, Telehop charges 15 cents (CDN) versus 22 cents (US) for Skype.

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