Successfully Scanning Business Cards and other lessons from trade shows

Over the past few minutes I’ve been scanning business cards collected at a recent trade show. I add some people to my contact database, email some and etc. In scanning these cards I’ve noticed that the cards that scan best are cards with a white are light background and dark text.
The cards with black lettering on almost black background, don’t work as well. Nether do cards where the company name is integrated into an image or logo.
Overall, you get the best scanning experience when you segment your cards into cards that will scan well and cards that don’t.
In going through each card and getting a better sense of WHO was at this trade show, I realize why it’s so important to try to know ahead of time WHO is going to be at the show. If your target market, or ideal customer is NOT going to be there. Maybe you should not be their either.
I’m using a business card scanner from Alestron, sold by Pen Power. I purchased it about 2 or 3 years ago from PC Expo and I’m glad I did. Although I don’t scan business cards a lot as most of my “contacts” come via email a business card scanner is definitely a good tool to have.