Traditional Security is Not Enough

Very similar to a vaccine, security vendors can traditionally protect a computer only when they have details on what needs to be protected. However, there are many attacks, especially by professional criminals that specialize in finding every security hole possibly in a computer. The hole scan be found through the operating system and/or other applications on your computer.
F-Secure writes The professional money-driven criminals of today want to stay unnoticed, and they are using advanced technologies to hide themselves from data security solutions. These people can take the full advantage of even the smallest time window they have before a general recognition for their attack is available. These attacks are generally known as zero-day attacks , and because of them, it is no longer enough to have a traditional security solution with an up-to-date anti-virus and a properly configured firewall in place. Proactive technologies are needed to foresee threats that are yet unknown.
It is important to have an updated anti-virus solution, properly configured firewall and other traditional security solutions. In addition, however, you should work with your technology consultant to consider if you should implement even more robust security.
No one wants to live a life of unnecessary paranoia, but on the other hand no one wants to be robbed when they could have prevented it.
TechTarget elaborates on why it’s important to protect yourself against attacks that traditional security solutions can’t protect you against:
With experience, however, hackers are becoming faster at exploiting a vulnerability and sometimes a hacker may be the first to discover the vulnerability. In these situations, the vulnerability and the exploit may become apparent on the same day. Since the vulnerability isn’t known in advance, there is no way to guard against the exploit before it happens. Companies exposed to such exploits can, however, institute procedures for early detection of an exploit.