Work Seamlessly Online and Offline with Thinkfree

For most hosted applications you either work all online or work offline and have to manually upload the latest version of your document to the central serve. This is the case, for example with Google Docs.
Think Free will change that in 2007 with its premium version, enabling users to work offline or online and ensuring documents are synchronized.
Cnet writes “Basically, we’re looking at the concept of a briefcase on your hard drive. Sort of like a file management system so you understand the latest state of a file,” Crow said.
The perfect hosted application is a world where you can work online when you have access to the ‘net and offline when that connection is not around. When the connection goes live again, then a Java (or other) applet synchronizes your online and offline work. Groove, now part of Microsoft, excelled in this.
BlueTie offers a similar email synchronization feature. You can work online or offline, but always have access to your email.