Xerox’s Erasable Paper

Xerox’s research indicates that Of the 1,200 pages the average office worker prints a month, 44.5 percent are for daily use – assignments, drafts or e- mail. 21 percent of black-and- white copier documents were returned to the recycling bin on the same day they were produced. This is reported by the International Herald Tribune.
Xerox’s solution is to create paper that erases what’s been printed on it 16 – 24 hours after it’s been printed. The result is that paper can be recycled much faster and used more often than if its thrown into a blue “recycle” trash can.
It’s more environmentally friendly but also lowers printing costs for companies.
IHT writes “People really like paper,” said Eric Shrader, a computer scientist who is area manager for printing systems at the Hardware Systems Laboratory of the research center, which is known as PARC. “They like the way it feels.”